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How To Host A Cocktail Party At Home

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

How to host a cocktail party at home

Throwing a cocktail party for family and friends is now easier and more delicious than ever thanks to our premium bottled cocktail range. Featuring a Negroni, Dry Martini and White Rye Espresso Martini recipes created by bartenders, every one features Australian craft spirits and quality artisan produced ingredients. All three cocktails are perfect for complementing a formal dining experience or relaxed drinks on a summer weekend and our top tips are all about impressing without the stressing.

Our first tip is to take the stress out of crafting the perfect recipe! Let the pre-batched cocktail do the talking by following the simple serving instructions that are found on the back of the bottle. You will have the perfect pour and it frees up time for you to enjoy your event.

Our second tip is to serve with style. Create a collection of coupe glasses for the martini’s and rocks glasses for the Negroni to add that bit of wow factor to any type of function. Also grab a couple of different garnish’s for guests to fancy up their drinks with. Another fun idea for any event is to invite your guest to have a crack at making their own creations. Have a copper cocktail set on deck with all the necessary bar tools and let them release their inner bartending skills.

Impressing without the stressing.

And finally, to ensure a successful cocktail party, create a space that you and your guest can enjoy! Ensure that you have finger food available, soft lighting, music prepared and maybe some games but most of all a comfortable space great for socialising and enjoying a bloody good cocktail from the Aussie Tipple Company.

Aussie Tipple Cocktails - Photography by Jill Haapaniemi


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